HEALWORLD pursues a healthy and happy life
with people and their companion animals.
HEALWORLD specializes in developing pet care products to help your companion animals live healthier and happier lives.
Not only humans but also companion animals have a longer average life expectancy, and health care becomes more important.
In the future, we will strive for “the realization of harmonious coexistence between humans and companion animals” through
continuous research and development and service of pet care products.
Meaning of PET LOVE LINE, and represents the animal's
healthcare by putting the animal illustration
and heart rhythm line in the heart logo.
Pet scale for the health care of companion animals Comfortable and precise measurement of cute cookie-shaped design.
Smart Pet Feeder
Pet + Amigo is a compound word meaning pet friend
We express love and friendship of pet.
Pet Booster Car Seat & Carrier Bag
High quality pet booster car seat & carrier bag for dogs or cats When you travel with your companion animal, your precious pet is protected safely.